My new life

It is easy to wish that this didn’t happen to me, that I didn’t have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) or that I didn’t get hit by a car but such is life but I could go back further and wish that I didn’t experience losing a child. But life is a shit and it […]

New Beginning, in the same life

I had overcome odds that, not trying be arrogant, would crush others. I put my drive down to thinking about others and not just thinking about myself (later I will do a research essay and see that survivors of TBI recover better if they think outside of themselves rather than be self-centred). Yes, I had […]

Goals Redefined

So I left rehab, I scaled that seemingly impossible task of recovering faster than normal accounts, for a survivor of TBI as severe as what I experienced. I believed in myself and pushed myself to find my limits then push past those. It wasn’t for me that I did that it was for the people […]

A new Shot at life

To overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, was a tremendous task but I had already dealt with the worst thing a parent could ever face (a good parent that loves their child that is) and that was to face a new day losing a child. In the beginning I did not know how my life was going […]

Where am I heading now?

So, I started getting my memory back in ABI rehabilitation centre (ABI stands for acquired brain injury) which I, surprisingly was ok with, but what tipped the scales for me was going toilet and needing a helper to wipe me. Now that offended me, the fact that I couldn’t do the most basic thing to […]

Surreal Fantasy

I starting gaining awareness around the end of November. It felt odd to say the least, I had this intense hatred of being tied up, I remember seeing this red fog in amongst the darkness of my mind. That I found out later being tied up was the case when I was in hospital, they […]