Feeling sorry for One’s self

Everyone is prone to feeling sorry for yourself, much like the guy in this photo. ∨That was me in my first week at rehab, I do not remember anything of that first week but I can have a guess that I was missing my beard hahaha. I state that everyone has bouts of feeling sorry […]

Hope…. That is a wish

When I was younger I had hoped that I would have children that are “normal” and that I would go through the normal issues that parents do, but no I had to be different. I say that because I have one child out of four that is “normal”. Fuck my life, and this is before […]

Studying for Exams

Well I’m suppose to be studying for exams….. I am but having this brain injury does take its toll. It isn’t like a simple grind if I spend say 2+ hours a day purely focused on cognitive study, I am wiped at the end of the day and I don’t know if 50% of that […]