Emotions… Good or Bad?

There is multiple different ways to read a situation and it all depends on what emotion you attach to that situation. Two people can experience the same thing at the same time but have two completely different view points on the experience depending on their mood at that point in time. Either you can react […]

Self entitlement

Something has to change. Life is about living in the constant flow of change. If you don’t believe me ask yourself are you thinking the exact way you were 5 years ago, even a year ago, hell even a month ago or yesterday. Thoughts have this constant movement to them, close your eyes and notice […]

Implementing the Stoic philosophy

Well I’m not very consistent with writing this stuff hahaha I go to write different blogs but then second guess myself because to me at the time of writing it sounds like I’m feeling sorry for myself and that is something I do not want to cultivate in my life or my mindset at this […]

Limits…. I break limits

I spent 2016 recovering my mind and my body and I could not have done that without the support of my mother, I wouldn’t be where I am now without her support. I wouldn’t have grown up being so sure of my ability to defy the odds in an extreme situation that I have been […]