My year after

Well, I had this dream of writing out everything that happened to me after my achievement of surviving getting hit by a car but a Toyota Prius isn’t much overly something to be proud of, although not many people can say they have been hit by a car and survived, sense of humour intact. But […]

Forever moving forward

Yeah, my life has had it’s share of pitfalls, one sets be back twice a year and that will happen for the rest of my natural life, it’s only 2 days out of 365 which only works out to be 0.6% hahaha and the last event set me back a year and a half. That […]

My Redirected shift

So I had just been through my second bout of massive misfortune, as a lot people would view it but not me…. yea I may have experienced my low moments but I didn’t let that deter me or define what I still wanted to achieve. Although I now have to figure out myself now. I […]

Vision…. so now what?

It is simple to say as long as you have a vision you can achieve it, but here’s the kicker you need to put in the work. It’s not ‘burn the boats and you will succeed’ one actually has to put in the effort and be grateful for what has come to pass as well […]

My new life

It is easy to wish that this didn’t happen to me, that I didn’t have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) or that I didn’t get hit by a car but such is life but I could go back further and wish that I didn’t experience losing a child. But life is a shit and it […]