Hope…. That is a wish

When I was younger I had hoped that I would have children that are “normal” and that I would go through the normal issues that parents do, but no I had to be different. I say that because I have one child out of four that is “normal”. Fuck my life, and this is before […]

Studying for Exams

Well I’m suppose to be studying for exams….. I am but having this brain injury does take its toll. It isn’t like a simple grind if I spend say 2+ hours a day purely focused on cognitive study, I am wiped at the end of the day and I don’t know if 50% of that […]

Moaning…. but not

Yes, one can be positive about everything one has going for them i.e. healthy children, beautiful spouse, achieving goals one has set forth, and finally being alive. What does one have to moan about….. Let me provide a little perspective, I have healthy children but healthy in what sense? general everyday life things. Yes then, […]

Stop and think

Are there ever points throughout your day, where you stop and look around you, be it the supermarket, the park with your children, or when your at work and you think to yourself ‘I see everything around happening but what for?’ This is one of those moments where its not negative and it is not […]