Consequences for your actions

There is a saying in physics and it is Newton’s third all “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” For all of my changing my behaviour and philosophy, I still had reverted back to having a negative reaction. What I am talking about is, it is now extremely hard to hold back […]

Rambling thoughts

I have tasked myself to writing down a thought a day that hopefully follows the Stoic philosophy and it is generally to remind myself that everyday that I must take control of myself. Anyway here is the thoughts I had two days ago. Living in accordance with nature and to hold the values of nature […]

Are we actually complete?

So I was driving and doing the morning drop off run and this song came on from Stonesour – Made of scars. It got me thinking that no-one and I mean no-one is free from the pain of life. Everyone has had their share of hurt and the scars to prove it, we disguise it […]

Life…. it happens to us all

Everyone gets busy or bogged down with what they view as important and push off tasks that are going to bring them closer to achieving their dreams, to the next day. And what happens it does not work, because something else more important at that moment comes up so it gets moved to the next […]