My year after

Well, I had this dream of writing out everything that happened to me after my achievement of surviving getting hit by a car but a Toyota Prius isn’t much overly something to be proud of, although not many people can say they have been hit by a car and survived, sense of humour intact.

But the year after my stint in rehab wasn’t overly exciting….

I got my youngest boy into Pokémon, I spent time with my family (annoying the shit out of them hahaha), working on my attention span and my stamina to hold that attention longer, done lots of webinars to improve myself, I watch a lot of anime, I got tutored at Kip McGrath, and I joined toastmasters.

I enjoyed and loathed my year off from achieving my goals. I loathed the fact that I was forced to take a year off from my goals but I didn’t let that be my dominating thought while I had that year off. Though taking that year off, I learnt to get the correct amount of sleep while still getting up early. I need 8 hrs sleep, which came as a big shock to me as I got used to 4 – 6 hrs sleep while at Uni. Yeah, occasionally I would have a nap in the afternoon but that wasn’t that often.

So, the year after I spent making it easier for myself and finding out different challenges I had to overcome and I found an enjoyment in finding those barriers, reason being that I could smash them.

Weird as it is, I am grateful for all of my challenges as they help me grow but the problem/blessing I have is that I have an all or nothing mentality and it has helped me and hindered me but I still have it as it has served me well so far.

Until till next time….


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