Forever moving forward

Yeah, my life has had it’s share of pitfalls, one sets be back twice a year and that will happen for the rest of my natural life, it’s only 2 days out of 365 which only works out to be 0.6% hahaha and the last event set me back a year and a half. That in a lifetime is quite small when one thinks about it.

I am forever grateful for my disposition towards life and I am going to spread that sense of self belief towards everyone. It is my belief that suffering starts in the mind and is continued on the outside through others that sympathise with that thought. Yeah, one’s suffering maybe caused by external forces i.e. other people hurting you, life may have thrown you a curve ball (a little secret life doesn’t go as planned) through to things like drought and famine or flooding but the thing is you see pictures or hear stories about those that found some speck of hope, even amongst the shit, and carried on and bounced back the fastest.

One reason why they were able to bounce back and it may not have been intentional but the common thing that each one had is control over their mind and their thoughts. The question I will ask is ‘Are you able to weather the storms that come knocking or are you one you hides under the blankets and says come back when I’m ready?’

Truth is no-one is ever ready there, I wasn’t ready to get hit by a car but I was prepared for the consequences of that and acceptance is a major key to bouncing back. Are you willing to accept the consequences of your actions and make a push in a new direction or will you accept the views from everyone else on how to live your life and not to take risks.

Life is risky either one chooses to move forward or stay behind but both choices will end up in the same place. Life is for living and dying, that’s a natural fact, it’s just what you choose to do will determine the quality of life you will have.

Review the years you’ve had so far and if there are things you regret not having the courage to do so accept it, it was your past choices but don’t settle now. As Jim Rohn has pointed out ‘All lifeforms strive to the max of their potential except human-beings, why because we have been given the dignity of choice….. we can either choose to use none or part or all of our potential.’ Now are you using yours?

Until next time….


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