My Redirected shift

So I had just been through my second bout of massive misfortune, as a lot people would view it but not me…. yea I may have experienced my low moments but I didn’t let that deter me or define what I still wanted to achieve. Although I now have to figure out myself now.

I know I still wanted to go back to Uni but now what I wanted to do changed but I still hadn’t figured what it was to become. So I just get it be for the time being and left it with the universe so to speak.

I knew I still wanted become a motivational speaker and got myself into toastmasters which worked as a dual purpose: First, it helped me get over my nervousness when it came to public speaking. Second, it helped with my thought and speech progress.

The drive/need to help people ignited that passion further to become a motivational speaker, for if I can get through such events then I could teach how to do it to everyone else. One of main things I learnt throughout my ordeals has been the mindset one holds, because if you can trust yourself and take everything in to consideration but make up your own mind to how you are going to achieve it, then that’s all you need to accomplish all that you set in to action. Don’t listen to others on what you “should” do, it is your life and you shouldn’t do anything if your going to achieve anything you have to/must do the ideas that you have inside yourself to achieve that desire.

Believe in oneself is the ultimate key to success and you shouldn’t be afraid of failure as you need that to grow and smash that thing that others told you were impossible, that it is too hard to do. Let success be your voice.

Until next time….



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