Vision…. so now what?

It is simple to say as long as you have a vision you can achieve it, but here’s the kicker you need to put in the work. It’s not ‘burn the boats and you will succeed’ one actually has to put in the effort and be grateful for what has come to pass as well as the future developments.

I got comfortable with failing but I was not going to let that define me as a person. I decide how I’m defined and I needed to make good on everyone’s faith in me and prove them right.

Yes, it was difficult, it was extremely difficult at some points. You know those mornings where your tired and can’t be bother getting up and getting started, now imagine that coupled with a damaged body, you can’t walk properly, you can’t put on your clothes without first being seated and just by being awake you are going to get tired; worse than tired your going to have no energy.

So you think wouldn’t it just be better to stay in bed because what’s the point? You know what I’m talking about…. But the vision I had burned inside of me and I had a greater thing to set an example for.

Doing things for myself seemed alright and that is what most people do….? right. But that was going to drive me so far until something else distracted me from healing i.e. gaming hahaha I had every excuse to do that but it was not going to help me achieve success, far from it.

I had my boys, my family and my support to think about. I didn’t get out of rehab as fast as I did to then just sit there and do nothing.

Having an external force to kick you out of bed everyday helped, it’s like a constant nagging inside your head; either you can choose to ignore it or listen to it and say ‘fuck, alright I’m moving’. Having that drove me to achieve what I have and what I’m going to.

I will be a great motivational speaker, I will be an example for my children, I will show everyone that fear shouldn’t stop you, then we can change the world by showing everyone that one simple change in their mindset will achieve wonders.

Until next time….


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