Keeping the vision

So, I had just been through some minor inconvenience i.e. getting hit by a car hahaha. Now, I had some serious work to do to get myself back in working order.

My previous goal had now been set back by a year and I had to get myself functioning again but first I had to overcome my hindrance incurred by my minor setback.

I will not sugar-coat anything, there is no point. Yes, as I have said before, it is hard but nothing is successful without adversity and the key attribute I developed before my accident was to be able to envision my outcomes and ignore/fight through/conquer my current obstacle that is in my path.

Reading this, you may wonder how I developed that skill. Everyone has it, it is called imagination but I started small, I started it in earnest when I started at Uni, 3 months before my accident but I set my intention prior to starting ‘that I was going to achieve the greatest possible outcome I could.’

I told myself, yes you read correctly I told myself “I am going to achieve A or A+ grades in all my papers” and I envisioned seeing that A grade when ever I got my mark back.

If you have to put in extra work to achieve what you want so be it, I was going to bed at 11pm then getting up at 4am every morning to achieve that success and the main reason for me doing that so I didn’t sacrifice quality time that I was spending with my boys, I just sacrificed my sleep.

Now I had a major problem, I couldn’t sacrifice my sleep with having this TBI, I had the sad reality(well mine) that I now had to sleep 8 hrs a night, I moaned about it but I got on with it and learnt to adjust to my situation. The thing that got me through it was having the vision of seeing myself back at Uni the following year.

But I could not see myself being at Uni being in the current position that I was in, so I broke my vision down into smaller visions that were leading to this greater vision. Everyone has to start somewhere and the beauty was I revel in the adversity that is stacked against me because when I achieve something that I’m told that I shouldn’t be looking at, be it simple things like walking, it feels great… well I can’t describe the feeling but it’s like sticking a middle finger up and saying F*** you for not believing in me.

I love having learnt that skill to see myself in positions that are beyond where I am currently. As Jim Rohn said “You can have more than you got because you can be more than you are.”

Until next time….


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