My new life

It is easy to wish that this didn’t happen to me, that I didn’t have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) or that I didn’t get hit by a car but such is life but I could go back further and wish that I didn’t experience losing a child.

But life is a shit and it decided to hand me these lessons to test my strength to see how much I could carry on my shoulders before my back breaks.

The beauty of it is I am grateful about all the tests, all the trials, everything that people would generally call bad luck. Because if it wasn’t for that bad luck, I wouldn’t notice the gorgeousness that life is made from.

My son who is severely disabled is still able to smile everyday (granted it is all he’s ever known) but that doesn’t stop him from trying his hardest. I am so proud to be his father and his student. He teaches me more than I could’ve ever hoped to have learned at school.

There is no school for perseverance and my boy has shown me true grit. I was told that he probably wouldn’t be able to walk but he gave all these “specialists” the middle finger and is walking… hell, he’s running around.

So, I thought to myself while I had a moment of feeling sorry for myself when in rehab, “fuck, if my boy can do this everyday and be happy despite his short comings… why can’t I get through this?”

He showed me the way and I’m forever grateful to my little boy… Thank you for being my son.

Until next time….



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