The beginning of my journey

This is me 3 days before my accident. I’m at the gym at 10 to 5 in the morning, I would do my work out then be home before my boys got up then I would help get them ready for school and kindergarten. At the same time I would be getting ready for University. […]

Consequences for your actions

There is a saying in physics and it is Newton’s third all “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” For all of my changing my behaviour and philosophy, I still had reverted back to having a negative reaction. What I am talking about is, it is now extremely hard to hold back […]

Rambling thoughts

I have tasked myself to writing down a thought a day that hopefully follows the Stoic philosophy and it is generally to remind myself that everyday that I must take control of myself. Anyway here is the thoughts I had two days ago. Living in accordance with nature and to hold the values of nature […]